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What happens to the disc in a whiplash injury?


These 2 studies looked at the frequency of disc herniations after whiplash.  The first study looked at all types of whiplash including high, medium, and low speed collisions.  It showed that 25% of whiplash victims have herniated discs, 20% of whiplash victims have herniated discs with radicular (arm or leg pain) symptoms, 39% of whiplash patients have degeneration 5-10 years later, and whiplash patients are twice as likely to need surgery as those not involved in a whiplash injury. 

The second study only involved high speed collisions.  They found that 72% of whiplash injuries have single or multilevel cervical herniations, 23% have thoracic and lumbar disc herniations and 18% had spinal fractures.

These studies show how common people are seriously and permanently injured in whiplash injures of all speeds.



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