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Medical Team

Lawyer Program

Dr. Clayton understands that people injured in a car accident often need lawyers to help with their injuries.  Dr. Clayton focuses on getting his patients better, but understands that medical-legal cases can be ruined by physicians.  That is why he has taken extensive training in medical-legal documentation.  What makes Dr. Clayton’s personal injury work different?


Click the link above to see Dr. Jeff Clayton’s CV.  Dr. Clayton has post-graduate training allowing him to be an expert witness in court in the following areas:

- Impairment ratings AMA 6th edition

- Medical-Legal Documentation

- MRI interpretation

- Certified medical examiner

- Whiplash and biomechanics

- Forensic documentation 

- Auto crash reconstruction

- Concussion and head trauma

Narrative Reports

Dr. Clayton’s makes sure his narrative reports always clinically correlate causality to bodily injury and persistent function loss.  His reports are always done in a timely manner and are free of charge for lawyers that are working for his patients.

Dr. Clayton belongs to a medical-legal research team that is committed to bringing you the latest research for those injured in car crashes.  Dr. Clayton offers to bring this research into your office once a month free of charge.  Dr. Clayton believes that by educating all involved in the personal injury world that insurance companies will no longer be able to take advantage of those injured.  Call today to start receiving the monthly research.


Dr. Clayton understands not every case can be settled for the amount needed to pay his bills.  Dr. Clayton is a team player and not a martyr.  Dr. Clayton has a policy to never take more than 1/3 of any settlement.

Dr. Clayton understands integrative care.  He has lectured extensively promoting integrative health care.  After practicing in an integrative clinic he understands the importance of having all types of providers treating those injured in car crashes.  He has a team of physicians and imaging centers that he works closely with for his patients.  Not only is this best for the patient’s health, but it is the best position for medical-legal cases.


Dr. Clayton considers his patient’s lawyer part of the team.  He believes in keeping the lawyer informed of diagnosis, treatment plan, and prognosis.  If permanent impairment is a possibility this could drastically change the lawyer case and Dr. Clayton realizes they need this information as soon as possible.  If there is no case or significant injury Dr. Clayton wants the lawyer to know as soon as possible so they do not waste too much time and money on the case.


Dr. Clayton understands that most personal injury cases settle without going to court.  He also understands that with proper documentation and case management the value of most cases is increased to the level where settlements are more likely.  In the event one of his patient’s cases is going to trial he will defend his patients free of charge.  

Independent Medical Exams  

Dr. Clayton has only performed plaintiff independent medical exams.  This allows the lawyers the chance to have Dr. Clayton perform a complete exam on the patient.  He also performs impairment ratings if needed.  Dr. Clayton will also gather all the medical records related to the injury and include these in his report.  This is a great way to make sense of a case that has been documented incorrectly and confusing.  Not only will you get the report, but a physician with the credentials to be an expert witness in court.  The plaintiff IME’s are $400 and there are no charges to testify.  


Chiropractors receive very little if any MRI training in school.  In all states chiropractors are not allowed to be expert witnesses in court on MRIs without post-doctoral certification.  Dr. Clayton has advanced certification in MRI interpretation from the University of New York at Buffalo’s school of Medicine and Biomedical Science.  This advanced certification allows Dr. Clayton to be an expert witness on MRI interpretation.  

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