Schmorl's Nodes Can Be Fractures


What is a Schmorl’s node?  Schmorl’s nodes are herniations of the disc material through the top of bottom (endplates) of the vertebral bodies.  Schmorl’s nodes often develop when we are younger and are incidental findings on x-rays after trauma.  This study showed that Schmorl’s nodes can be fractures caused by recent trauma.  A good team of physicians, radiologists and advanced imaging can distinguish between a Schmorl’s node and a recent fracture.



Grievé, E., Rovira, A., Capellades, J.,  Rivas, A., & Pedraza, S. (1999). Radiologic findings in two cases of acute Schmörl's nodes. American Journal of Neuroradiology, 20(9), 1717-1721.

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